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Pest & Disease Management, Climate, Miscellaneous.

Weed Management

You Get What You Spray For- Foliar Feeding - - Facts and Fantasy! (Jan 2001)
How to Make a Liquid Fertilizer Solution for Damaged/Weak Areas of Turf (Jan. 1999)
Nitrogen Fertilizers: Many Ways to Carry the Load (March 1995)
"You Must Be Present to" -WIN-
Understanding the Slow Release Component
of Slow Release Fertilizers (May 1995)

Easing the Roller Coaster Ride with Slow Release Fertilizer (Nov 1994)

Spring Touch-Ups and Weed Control (Feb. 2001)
Spring Weed Control (Feb 2000)
Nutsedge Control in Turf (July 2000)
Spring Weed Control: Pre-Emergence Herbicides (Feb. 1999)
Good Weeds for Bad Deeds (Feb. 1998)
--Spring Ahead-- Pre-Emergence for Summer Weeds (Jan. 1997)
Control of Southwest Cupgrass -
Using Pre-emergence and Early Post Emergence Herbicides in Bermudagrass Turf (1996)

Winter and Spring Weed Control (Feb. 1996)
Purple Nutsedge - The War of Attrition
(June 1996)

BUCTRIL - A Broadleaf Post Emergence Herbicide Back Again! (Jan. 1995)
Pre-Emergence Herbicide Trials for 1993 (Jan. 1994)
Control of London Rocket and Tolerance of Perennial Ryegrass to Post Emergence Herbicides Applied in the Spring (May 1993)

Greens Maintenance
Turf Performance

Vegetative Bermudagrass for Arizona Lawns (Feb 2003)
The History of Bermudagrass (Jan 2003)
Preparation for Overseeding: Seed, Soil, and Stolons (Sept 2000)
Rollin' Out the Green Carpet:
Partial Renovation for Bentgrass Greens (March 1999)

"Knee High by the Fourth"
Growing a Good Crop of Summer Golf Greens (June1998)

"Dry Before Your Time"
Wax Buildup on my Greens! (June 1998)

Overseed Greens Performance Trial, 1994-1995
Crossing the Bridge - Part II: (May 1994)
Root Zone Mixtures:
USGA Guidelines for Greens (June 1994)

Overseed Preparation - Getting Ready For Weeds (Aug 2000)
Understanding the Seed Tag (Dec. 1996)
Overseed Greens Performance Trials (1995-96)
Overseed Greens Performance Trial (1994-95)
Overseed Performance Trials:
1994-1995 University of Arizona Fairway Test

Crossing the Bridge (April 94)
1992-1993 Overseed Turfgrass Trials (Long Version)
1992-1993 Overseed Turfgrass Trials (Short Version)

Chemical Application
Water and Irrigation

Order in the Tank (May 1999)
An Easy Calibration Method for Boom Sprayers (May 97)
Doing Patchwork:
A New Product Formulation of Fenarimol (March 1997)

2,4-D: The Rest of the Story (March 1996)
Formulation and Sprayer Calibration (Feb. 1994)

Planning for a Water Emergency (July 2000)

Two Different Kinds of Rain (June 1999)

True Grit: Understanding TSS on A Water Quality Report (May 1998)
Soil Characteristics and How They Affect Turf Irrigation (Dec 1995)
Systems Adjustment for Irrigation Efficiency (July 1994)

Pest & Disease Management

Overseeding Rates and How They Affect Spring Transition - The Long and Short of It. (May 2001)
Finishing Touches to Overseeding
(November 2000)

Caught With Your (Bermuda) Shorts Down? (Jan 2000)
- -Half Empty or Half Full- -
Summer Transition Strategies (July 1999)

Post Overseeding Tips (Oct 1999)
Post Overseed Fix-up (Nov 1998)
Transition Management:
(Telling a Good Kid to Leave Home) (April 1998)

Spring Transition
(Going back Word's Isn't Always Easy) (April 1997)

Preparing for Overseeding (Aug 1997)
Ryegrass and Transition:
A New Slant to an Old Story (Aug 1996)

Going South - To Bermuda Country (April 1996)
The Road Back to Bermuda (April 1995)

Overseed Care And Fall Maintenance (Sept 1994)
Overseed Care and Fall Maintenance (Aug 1994)

What's Bugging You From Last Summer (July 1998)
The Ryegrass Seed Game 9th Inning - Karnal Bunt (Sept 1997)
Bunt 'N' Run - The Seventh Inning Stretch
The Karnal Bunt Story (Feb. 1997)


Warm Hat - - Cold Feet:
Winter Play at Higher Elevation Courses (March 1999)

Late Fall - Winter Turf Management (Dec. 1997)
Winter Color - Stories to Tell (Dec. 1995)
Winter Turf Check List (Dec. 1993)

Vegetative Establishment of Bermudagrass Home Lawns (Mar 2003)
"With a Little Help From Our Friends" (Feb. 1996)
Up To Your Knees - In Sand (Feb. 1995)


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