July 1995 - Volume II, Issue 7

Summer is 'FINALE' Here!

David M. Kopec, Extension Turfgrass Specialist

Now that summer has been in full swing, homeowners, parks and recreation personnel, and other turf maintenance professionals have the same two problems. Either the turf is not growing as well as it should be or something else is (weeds). This issue provides you with information about a newly released non-selective weed and grass killer called 'FINALE', from AgrEvo. The active ingredient in 'FINALE' is glufosinate-ammonium. As a non-selective herbicide, 'FINALE' will kill all green vegetation (like Round-up or its homeowner 'Doomsday' version). Therefore, 'FINALE' can be used to get rid of broadleaf and grassy weeds as a spot treatment.

From start to finish, here is what you need to know about 'FINALE' to have success.

1. The target weeds must be actively growing for 'FINALE' to work well. Weeds cannot be dormant or drought stressed.

2. Apply 'FINALE' as a foliar spray. The glufosinate is absorbed by the leaves and should have about four hours of rainfast time (or irrigation) so it can be taken up by the plant.

3. The herbicide acts in 4-10 days by limiting photosynthesis, which then causes chlorophyll breakdown and causes the weeds to become straw colored and wither away.

4. There is no uptake of the 'FINALE' by roots of weeds or other desirable (non-target) plants. 'FINALE' does not control weed seeds. It is applied to emerged weeds only.

5. 'FINALE' has no soil residual and degrades into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrogen dioxide (water).

6. Seeding or transplanting can take place in 4-5 days at normal spray rates.

The most common use areas will include flowerbeds and shrubs, fence lines, under trees, driveways, walkways, lawn renovation projects and other spot spray applications.

I have conducted some tests with this product to see at what rates 'FINALE' will kill both cool and warm season grasses. The 'label rates' on the container will cover most grasses. I am unsure if it will kill bermuda in one shot, since the glufosinate does not kill the rhizome tips. I will keep you posted on this.

The product is sold as a liquid in various ready to use sizes, concentrates and super concentrates. One quart of the concentrate will cover 10,600 square feet (at the low use rate), while the super concentrate will cover 21,300 square feet (at the low use rate). High use rates will cut these areas in half, which should be used on bermuda. The one gallon liquid has 0.08 lbs. of active ingredient.

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