December 2000, Volume VII, Issue 12

Holiday Lawn Wishes

David M. Kopec, Extension Turfgrass Specialist

It's December and it's cold. Here's what to do on your lawns.

Flagstaff and lawns at 5500 feet elevation or higher, do nothing. Shovel snow away from lawn at the end of the driveway, if possible.

Globe, Winslow, Holbrook, Kingman and Sierra Vista, do nothing. If you get snow, hurry out to the store and get cardboard boxes for sleds. Waxed cardboard boxes are at a premium at this time. There is no need to buy a sled or saucer. Be creative!

In Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma: Non overseeded bermudagrass, water once every 21 days to keep the lawn from drying out. Have the in-laws and nieces and nephews pull out any young weeds. Any weeds that you can't pull spray with Round-up (Dooms-day, etc.).

Overseeded bermuda (with winter ryegrass). Lawn growth will be slow. Mow once a week, if necessary. Apply iron as a liquid spray to maintain green color in the cold. If the lower (older) leaves are yellow, add 0.25 lbs. of -N- from a nitrate source, per 1000 ft2 of lawn. Use either ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, or potassium nitrate. Established broadleaf weeds can be controlled with 2,4,D products. Stay away from trees. Use amine salt formulations for shrub and tree safety, rather than ester formulations.

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